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These are some songs I wrote about brushing off burrs, seeing misty sunbeams after rainshowers, wearing glasses in winter and heart-shaped eyes among other things.
This is my first ever EP.
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released August 19, 2011

Sheila Giffen on guitar and vocals.
Matthew Raudsepp recorded, mixed and mastered these numbers in June 2011.


all rights reserved



Sheila Giffen Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Glasses Frames
You stamped my name into the snow and I wrote you a love song. You said ‘I loved you when I met you, do you feel the same?’ and my cold heart burst right out of its frame. Hand in hand with the love we had. The scarf I knit for the neck I bit. Your sordid grin said ‘come on in.’ My cheeks were sore. I smiled more before that December, that’s how I remember. We came in from the cold and our glasses fogged and they clinked when we kissed, so I laughed aloud I said ‘I love you but I’m weary, do you feel the same?’ and you said ‘look at this picture of us in its pretty little frame.’ And I said no and you let go. The keys I lost and the mounting cost. The plant that died, the time I cried. Words we spoke, vows we broke and all these things dismembered, that’s how I remember. I could see that your cheeks were getting cold so I planted all these kisses, but they quickly froze. You said ‘I’d love it if you left me, do you feel the same?’ I said ‘Look at the snow collecting on your glasses frames.’ We’ll stamp our names into the snow and warm up with these dying embers, trying to remember.
Track Name: Dusty Yellow Sunset
Dusty Yellow Sunset broke through the clouds, made the smoke from your mouth blush ochre and your golden smoke rings curled round my hands you said ‘marry me with these ephemeral golden-hued particles that have found themselves wrapped around your fingers.’ The asphalt glistened after the rain. These drops of water ran all over. Poked through the fault lines beneath our feet and they soaked into the laugh lines on your cheek. As you said ‘how did you get those heart-shaped eyes?’ I said ‘they only look like that I’m looking at you.’ And baby, I want to write love letters and I want to feel nervous when you call and I want to say forever and mean it from the bottom of my heart. I want you to change me, I want you to rearrange my carefully laid plans and I want you to look at me with heart-shaped eyes the way I’m looking at you right now. I fall in love with every sunset that illuminates your face with its dew-soaked laugh lines and lips seeping out golden smoke. But you’re holding me and that’s making me see grace
Track Name: Oh my my
There’s a gap in the beat and there’s a chip in your two front teeth and there’s something about your frail little voice lifting to the rafters It’s drowning out those lofty bastards going on and on and on and on about ‘my art and my part and my start and my art.’ My my my my, they can’ t stop. There’s a girl with a wicked acid tongue she said ‘Look up at those naked bodies on the run.’ So I looked up to check if you were just like the rest but your red heart bled through the skin of your boyish chest. There’s a boy, he’s got his hand in a fist and he’s punching the air in time with your tryst. So I looked up to see his little heart seethe, I found him pummeling the very air we breathe. I’m a girl who’s showing you her fear. Look up at me naked before you here. See that funny crack down in the small of my back that’s where my lead heart slid down the curve of my crooked spine. Now I’m imploring you, you pale, you little gap-tooth. Make my eyes wince. Make my feet twitch. Make my toes curl. Make my heart sails unfurl. Electrify Me. Petrify Me. Try to Defy Me. Just don’t Define Me. There I go on and on about my art and my part and my start and my heart and my my my my, I can’t stop. I just go on and on and on and on about my art and my part and my start and my heart and my heart and my heart and my heart and my heart. I won’t stop. There’s a gap in the beat. There’s a chip in your two front teeth. There’s something about your frail little voice lifting to the rafters.
Track Name: Beakful
Sun’s at such an angle, to cast a long shadow. Your face stretched on the pavement. Cracks where you’ve been crying. You ran up to that little bird, you said ‘please, please speak to me. Here are my secrets. Keep them in your beak for me and don’t you go flying away.’ Well you should know better. Those brittle bones can’t hold their own, let alone your heart. Then I ran up to that little man, I said ‘please be the one for me. You don’t have to hold my hand. Just stand with me when I am blue and don’t you go running away.’ I should know better. I’m a brittle bird with hollowed bones I can’t be alone no more. You gotta toughen up girl, wise up kid, don’t let it make you feel worse. Chin up girl, buck up baby, make it look like no on hurt ya. Toughen up kid, you’re not tough enough yet, you gotta toughen up girl. I ran up to that little man I said ‘please, please be with me’. I worked so hard to have some kind of agency. Turns out I’m destined to be lonely.